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What are Fairy Doors?


Central Fairies is a grass roots movement, led by Kitchener artist Laura McBride, encouraging people to walk in their neighbourhoods and engage with the properties they pass.  

Residents of our downtown neighbourhood have bought /built small 'doors' to secure to the front of their property. Families can search for them on a leisurely summer stroll or a long cold walk home from school.   

There are so many people that want to engage in their community but don't have the schedules that allow them to come to events. Putting up a door creates a connection with the people that you live closest to, motivates children to explore and learn the landmarks of the area. 

What would happen if you were walking down the street and you saw something out of the ordinary?

         …you'd probably laugh and keep walking.

Now, what would happen if you saw it again? and then AGAIN?  

You'd realize that something is going on and that by noticing it, you are now part of it.

We believe in the magic of community!

All Fairy Door sites are located on private property. They should be viewed only from the sidewalk unless otherwise indicated at the site location or if that site is a business open to the public. As with any Fairy Door search we encourage everyone to walk. Stopping on busy roads can be dangerous and illegal.