Central Fairies is a movement that started on Brubacher Street in the Central Frederick neighbourhood of Kitchener, Ontario and easily spread.

The residents, businesses and facilities surrounding Downtown Kitchener have one of the best kept secrets around. 

Anyone. Anywhere.
Make your own magic!


...People live here and we're a community.  


 By encouraging everyone to install a Fairy Door somewhere that people passing by can see it, we hope to create a common experience that strengthens our sense of community and belonging.

All Fairy Door sites are located on private property. They should be viewed only from the sidewalk unless otherwise indicated at the site location or if that site is a business open to the public. As with any Fairy Door search we encourage everyone to walk. Stopping on busy roads can be dangerous and illegal. 

Here is our amazing, diverse and engaged neighbourhood. Start at Brubacher Street and see how many Fairy Doors you can find.  

The doors can be found through our neighbourhood, and are now moving through the region. 

Get your home a Fairy Door and let your neighbours know that you are part of something special...and so are they.