Outdoor Fairy Doors are meant to engage neighbours and promote exploring your community, they are not meant to invite children onto properties. If you’d like kids to be able to touch your Door, be sure to choose a location that is very close to your sidewalk.

Wood Screws can be used to secure Doors to any wooden surface.

I usually only use one screw and mount it in the spot that the door knocker or peep hole or doorknob would be found. For added strength wood glue can be used on the back of the door.  

High Strength Glue can be used to secure Doors to almost any flat surface, including rock. Be sure to choose a very flat location cleared of debris and follow the instructions on the packaging.

A long stick or piece of metal can be secured to the back of the Door and hammered into the ground, to make the Door freestanding and more difficult to be ‘removed’.

On Brubacher, several neighbours have chosen to simply lean their Door against the side of their house. Most are happily still where they were left, but unfortunately a few have gone missing, so I wouldn’t recommend it.  


Indoors Fairy Doors can be leaned against walls, placed on bookshelves and nestled into corners.  My children like to walk around with their Doors, so I have not secured them to anything.

Some families like to have their Door slightly out of reach, so the children can see it but not touch. If that is the case a simple picture frame holder can be attached to the back, and the Door can be mounted the same way you would any wall hanging.

If you’re interested in attaching it directly to drywall, then I’d follow the same directions as attaching to wood.

Finally, if you’re interested you can make your Door free standing by mounting it to a base, however this will prevent it from being flush with a wall. See the Summer Lights Doors for an example of that: 


Find a secret fun place for your Fairy Door